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Putting My Motherhood on the Front Page

Paying attention to the details today by Suzi Banks Baum

Would you love me if you knew I am only just managing to be a full on parent today of kids who don’t so much need help as they need my presence.
Today is Prom.
Sunday is my son’s high school graduation.
And my heart is as big and wide open as this.

Yellow Roses in the Yard by Suzi Banks Baum

If I am distracted from this blog or from coordinating a fabulous marketing launch of the Anthology on Amazon or preparing for Women’s Voices for (a) Change at Skidmore or for Rites of Passage that premieres next week, please forgive me.

Ben Ball by Suzi Banks Baum

I am the mother of a graduating senior who is blasting some moody music right now and taking up all the hot water.  I will have to go shave my legs with rainwater. Here in the Berkshires we have plenty of that.

Happy Thursday people.

Rock on.



  • appletellsall

    I love this, Suzi. And this – “a graduating senior who is blasting some moody music right now and taking up all the hot water,” is totally burning in my memory, but from the other side (Bauhaus, 1988. There was elaborate makeup that year too, if I remember correctly).

  • Suzi Banks Baum

    Oh so much make-up. He just zipped off to dress at his friends house. I think there is time for the hot water heater to re-boot before I have to be ready. The sunlight today is making everything halo-d. Or is it my eyes?

  • Barbara Aycock

    Loving this! Huge congratulations to son & mom!

  • Susan (Sanna) Burgess

    My son is also graduating but refused to attend his prom. He didn’t have the nerve or courage to ask a girl out yet, but since then has asked a girl on a picnic and is happy. He says happy for the first time in his entire life, because no one else ever gave him any esteem! ” Wait a minute” I said what about me your ‘ol mom? “I told you how handsome you were your entire life “,and I said “ask the girls out they will say yes they are dieing for a smart handsome nice boy like you to ask them out”, but you wouldn’t listen. He said” that’s right mom cause all moms tell all sons the same thing even when it’s not true”!
    OK so I ordered the cake, sent out the invitations, ordered the catered foods, have family bringing dishes bought the paper goods,got the tents in case it rains or is too hot. even planted extra special gardens. Making sure my VA bennifits are lined up which the enevitably screw up every single time.Sent in down payments for college. This weekend is orientation dad is going with him to that cause I am an embarrassment! Soon I’ll be purchasing all the necessities for his dorm room, like bedding and towels microwave oven and frig etc etc…, they say we’ll have empty nest but it’s not really true because they are only gone for a few months then they are home again even for more and more money, more use of my car and other things and then off again while I pay interest! My husband cried when the first one graduated not me all I could think about was how hot the sun was, how bratty my youngest was acting and how much food I had to prepare when we got home. Maybe I am a cold person or mean or some thing but I still don’t feel like crying, well maybe over signing for the copay on all these humungous loans.. Empty nest syndrome I think not. I love my children so much but one is still only 9 years old I’ll be 61 before he graduates! So there are no proms so far for me no make up and nobody crying cause they miss their mama! I must say though my greatest desire is that my children grown up happy doing something that they really love while contributing in a positive way to their communities, then I will consider my life a life well lived! Sanna

  • Coleen Davidson

    S, enjoy and have fun! xox C

  • Lorrin Krouss

    Congratulations to the entire family. Never forget that while our children appear to leave the nest, they leave behind a piece of themselves that they will need to come home to find. And we as mothers, always know just where it is.

    Love and hugs,

  • Suzi

    Oh Sanna, I wish we lived nearer. I’d so love to write with you. Your life is full of great stories. Thank you for sharing this one. And blessings on your nest. xo S

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