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It was like this

Small girl collage by Suzi Banks Baum text by John O'Donohue

How we parted


Moon thanks this field guide,

folds map, tucks it in to the flapped pocket.

Glances once more across the field, ice tipped grasses

night-kissed glisten on one cheek,

dawn pinkens the other.

She slips silently into blue dawn.


©Suzi Banks Baum




I am preparing for my Powder Keg Sunday Sessions.

There are still a few seats left at my writing table for this Sunday.

Is your name on one of them?


I am adjusting to not having a child in house for these next few months.

After over 20 years, this is oceanic.

Wordless mostly. Quiet.

There is this poem.

And preparations.

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For today.


It was like this





  • Julie Bond Genovese

    Oh that photo made my eyes sting. Cheers to her journey AND a beautiful spaciousness and quiet in your heart and home. Ahhhhhhhh. LOVE to you XOxoxox julie

  • coleen

    love, love it all!!!!

  • Lorrin Krouss

    Oh dear one, it is so very hard to let our precious creations fly off into the world. We have put so much into them that it is difficult to find where they begin and where we end. But that is why we love them, feed them, raise them, education them and comfort them. It is in the alone time that we finally can understand that the cycle is never ending.

  • Kathy

    It IS an oceanic moment. You are in a brand new place. It’s like giving birth again–but this time to another version of yourself. Lovely poem, Suzi.

  • jennifergandinle

    You two — that snuggle — the flying — and that poem. Wow and wow. Tears for the journey. Blessings upon your taste of this new time with yourself.

  • Suzi Banks Baum

    xoxo Thank you Tex. xoxoS

  • Suzi Banks Baum

    Thank you Kathy! Sending love to you. xo S

  • Suzi Banks Baum

    Thank you Lorrin! I take great comfort in your experience and joy. xo S

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