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Coming Alive and Out!

Karen’s FeMail to me today. Thank you Karen!
Karen’s FeMail to me today. Thank you Karen!

“…And keep working. Laziness and disdain
are not devotions. Your effort
will bring a result.”


Feeling a result about to hatch like an egg.
This Friday evening, ‘Out of the Mouths of Babes: An Evening of Mothers Reading to Others’ premieres at 7pm in The Berkshire Festival of Women Writers.

Have you seen Leah Piken Kolidas’ ‘Out’ blog post?
Click on this picture to read her post.

I am filled with gratitude for everyone who has believed in me and supported my writing, my art and my mothering.
They are inextricably linked.

Here is my Wordle of the week, with words by Kathy Drue, one of my blogging sisters.

Here is a poster for ‘Out of the Mouths of Babes’.

by Rose Tannenbaum
by Rose Tannenbaum

Time for dinner.
Sending you love from the snowy snowy Berkshires.

I am utterly alive. Maria Sirois and ‘Out of the Mouths of Babes’

This urge to create isn’t just about the loneliness being eased…it’s also about the longing to be changed. To be seen and held, yes, but also to be effected in some way, to be responded to such that I know that I matter and am utterly alive and in the vitality of those connections I become more than I would have been as a solitary soul.

Maria Sirois in her ‘Out of the Mouths of Babes’ blog post

Thank you Maria, for putting words around this beloved vitality.
May all you Laundry Line readers know this aliveness, however it comes to you.
Thinking of you all today as I prepare for my Friday event.

More to come.

Letting OUT shine!

I am getting ready to speak with Jeanne Bassis on WBCR 97.7 fm Great Barrrington on her show “The Spirit of Play”.
You can live stream the show, today, February 27, at 3pm at here.

In the meantime, please enjoy Odetta. When you hear the opening words Odetta reads by Marianne Williamson, you will know why I posted this.

Sending you each love and gratitude for your readership, your love and support,


With a little help from my friends

FeMail from Karen Arp-Sandel
FeMail from Karen Arp-Sandel

Goethe said ‘tell only a wise person or else keep silent.’ I say tell only your choir, those who believe deeply in you and fully support you in your journey. To tell anyone else anything of your heart is a waste of breath and of spirit.

Maria Sirois

Today’s post is a tribute to tributes.

Do you love the moment when you open that birthday card and there is a small ode to you, written by someone who loves you enough to find the perfect card, assemble postage, write in the perfect pen color and spread some sparkles in the envelope, just so you can feel the magnitude of love coming your way?.

Valentine from my dear friend Jan Lawry
Valentine from my dear friend Jan Lawry

I have gotten some great mail in the last weeks, from some of my dearest correspondents. And, I have received a tribute or two on friends’ websites where they so generously dollop on the sparkles to share about ‘Out of the Mouths of Babes’ and with a touch about me.

Here is my friend Joanne Tombrakos, a guest blogger in the ‘Out’ series.

Here is Janet, posting a hilarious photo of me with a very sweet tribute. I guarantee you if you go to her site, you will be hungry and cooking within minutes.

And here is Jennifer Gandin Le, who after posting the most hilariously perfect recipe for a green smoothie in approximately 49 steps including one in which she is fishing her husband’s watch out of the toilet, photographing it and putting a new outfit on her nearly one year old, took the time to write this sweet thing about ‘Out’ and me.

Love Love Love

If you are new here and wondering what I am referring to in ‘Out’, read here. Next week, Friday March 2, my husband’s birthday, I am producing an event for the Berkshire Festival of Women Writers. It all began with the book I am writing and seeking opportunities to read my work in public. The event is blossoming and you can keep track of it here on the Laundry Line. If you subscribe to this site in the little box above and to the right, you will get demure notices with cyber sparkles in it when I post new things here.

Today would not be complete without a tribute to the next guest blogger in the ‘Out of the Mouths of Babes’ blog series. Maria Sirois is a walking tribute to the value and power of love. She pays attention and speaks about it in ways that catch your breath. Maria is a soul supporter of the finest sort and I am thrilled to have her here on the Laundry Line. Below is Maria offering some jet fuel for your soul via Poet Laureate, Stanley Kunitz.

I am striped with the hours today, peeling one after the other off and my list just gets longer with every passage of 60 precious and beautiful minutes. Over lunch today, most of which was made by Catherine except for the quick Mojo sauce that Janet inspired me to make, we sat here on this snowy afternoon panting like long distance runners. I am doing my best to promote and write and connect while engaging my kids, feeding them and ignoring the laundry because it is snowy and who needs to hang wash today, not me!

Thank you for all your love and support to me and of my writing. One week from today 5 authors and I will take the stage at Blodgett Hall on the campus of Simon’s Rock College of Bard to premiere ‘Out of the Mouths of Babes: An Evening of Mothers Reading to Others’.

I am hooked on this app ‘Wordle’ This is what I did with some of your comments here on the Laundry Line.
I am hooked on this app ‘Wordle’ This is what I did with some of your comments here on the Laundry Line.

I am buoyed by your readership here, by your love notes that come in the mail or in your comments. Thank you for taking this in to your heart and letting this Laundry Line have an impact on your living.


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