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Draw, Think, Meet in Monte San Savino on Sunday at 10:00 a.m.

Tomorrow at La Combricolla in Monte San Savino. Art and music by world class musicians. Join us for joy! XoS

Oh my dear Laundry Line readers.
How I wish you were here.
All of this internet meeting and greeting is so very good, but at times I have a deep desire to rest a sweaty palm on yours and let you see what I see and have you return the gift…right now, in the heat of mid-day, Tuscany is baking it’s clay colored walls in the sustaining sunlight. Olives wait for rain. Children drink un cappucino fredos served by our dear host Mauro, who with his wife Tamara, will open their cafe’ for the Darling Hill International Artist’s Club 4th art show at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow, Sunday, August 25.

Art show Sunday August 26th 10:00 am. Please join us for cafe', art, music and joy. XoS

We will be sharing the art we have made this week in Monte San Savino, mixed media works in hand-made books, on found papers and other constructions including a group doodle, a slide show by several of our artists and music by world class musicians.

Really. All that in a week? The paella of this group…the mingled flavors of Germans, Dutch, Spanish, and American all caught on paper and song will be a delicious offering at this street cafe’. You’d love it.

I have not enough photos to describe it, but there will be some snap reporting done by some of our Club’s photographers.
Stay tuned for a full report.
Til then,

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