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Do One New Thing Every Day

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My daughter Catherine and I instituted a new habit in to our household this summer.
I invite you to hop in to

Do One New Thing Every Day©

Nothing complicated.
At dinner last night I sat in my husband’s spot and you’d think I had dyed my hair blazing orange. I rocked the boat in just the right way.

Taking small actions that surprise our habit bodies creates new pathways of thought in our brains. We see things differently.
Or, like last night, we are seen differently.

This page will be an ongoing roster of my new things. Leave me yours in the comment section of the my current post and I will add it to this list.

Sunday September 18, 2011  Today I took off for a bike ride, in my skirt, no big athletic deed, and just pedaled by the lake to see the early morning mist. 30 minutes. Day changed. Hillary studied and became a Level 1 Reiki practitioner and practiced on someone.

Monday September 19, 2011 Allowed myself to eat a little ‘lite’ burrito at Taco Bell when my 17-year-old needed an hourly feeding. We sat in the grass, near the mall where we had to shop, and ate our snack together. Talked. Talked. Watched people. No one sits in the grass there. He told me at the end of the day how this moment was a highlight for him. Me too. Hillary answered the phone at a time she usually doesn’t. What happened then Hil?

Tuesday September 20, 2011 Commented on my friend Lori Landau’s site Connecting with her all week about our daily practices. Celebration is so much more fun than isolation. Hillary and her dog had a Reiki session which the dog did not love.

Wednesday September 21, 2011 I let my enthusiasm shape my day. This may not sound new, but I get bogged down by the things I am supposed to do and voila- the day passes and I haven’t gotten to the fun part yet. Today, I started with the fun part. Today Hillary made chili, not in her usual way. I did the same thing the other night and everyone loved it.

Thursday September 22,2011 Instead of my usual Thursday morning Spring Cleaning date, I spent an hour on computer hygiene with my whiz husband. I cleaned up my photo files (don’t gasp, they are not filed exactly) but they are on an external hard drive. This has deleted one large topic that was keeping me awake at night. Sort of an electronic Spring Cleaning. (which is a really good tool of The School of the Womanly Arts)

Friday September 23, 2011 I ordered a salted lassi for my drink at Aroma Indian food here in GB. It was a bit like drinking salad dressing, but, in the name of research, I did it.

Saturday September 24, 2011 I phoned a new friend, the step-mother of a new boy in my son’s class, and we had the sweetest phone call in the quiet of the morning. I usually reserve this time for my journalling, but the moment grabbed me- swung me out of my usual regime and gave me the gift of a sweet conversation with someone I look forward to knowing more. Tammy was picking weeds in the heat of the southwest on this day.

Sunday September 25, 2011 Yesterday we had the heart stopping thrill of seeing, all 5 of us, Audra McDonald and Norm Lewis portray Porgy and Bess at American Repertory Theatre in Cambridge MA. I am so grateful for the opportunity to see such stunning theatre, 3rd row center, at great prices, just 2 1/2 hours from home. My teens got to see a production that will go down in the history books as an expectation breaking, soulful expression of an iconic piece of American theatre superbly done. What is the new thing- don’t I bring my kids to theatre all the time? Here it is: I did not drill them for how they liked it, what they felt or saw. I just let it be. Let the experience have its way with them. No need to narrate reality. Whew.

Monday September 26, 2011 Harvest time. Tomatoes in the freezer. Apples on the tree hanging heavy. What will be my new thing today? Only the blue morning-glory knows.


Morning Glory


 Tuesday September 27, 2011 I let myself have a complete Mom day and sat with my daughter on a Skype math tutoring session and I am so glad I am learning the benefits of using the Internet for things like this. Totally new moment for Catherine and me.

Wednesday September 28, 2011 Jeanene used her trekking poles on her walk. I had a whole day of writing on my book, all my commitments resolved so I had 6 straight hours. That is totally new for me. And I loved it.

Thursday September 30, 2011 I learned that my enthusiasm can at times overwhelm people and instead of taking that personally, I let it be information about how to proceed in the future when I drench others with my ideas instead of asking them are they ready to hear one or two. I can be a full blown birthday party when what is better for someone else is a quiet cup of tea.

Friday September 31, 2011 I ate leftovers from the new things I cooked this week- one successful- Cottage cheese and apple pancakes with chopped walnuts in them and one not so successful- a cornbread topped beans and veggie dish that I turned in to soup on Friday. I hate to cook dinner when I am so full of my other work, so trying new things keeps it interesting. Did I just tell you that? Yup, dinner is one big repetitive drag somedays. Like my friend Janet says, “Dinner? We had dinner last night”.

Bring on your New Things, my dear readers! I love your choices. xooxox S

December 8, 2011 Hi everyone! I have been doing a few new things every day, or every other day or look– it has been weeks since I posted. What have you done today that is new, or at least new-ish? I sat on my husband’s lap after lunch to talk to him up close and personal. Yeah, we have been married for 19 years and this is old hat, but, today, in the midst of busy days and our son just skipping out the door to afternoon classes and the snow melting and our lists burning holes in the hours….sitting on his lap felt like a new bold move. How about you?

Here is my friend Regena talking about her new thing at the TEDxFiDiWomen in San Francisco last week. Being a TED speaker was a great new step for her.

Happy New Year Laundry Line reader!


I am so happy to say 2013 has started out with lots of new things. My daughter and I have gone to some new yoga classes, in fact we started the first day of January off with yoga at Sruti here in Great Barrington with Beryl Bender Birch.

But, what I am so happy about doing today is Zumba! I have heard so much about it and today, there I was, shaking parts of my body that I have not shaken in public.
My teacher says, “When in doubt, stick it out!” and that means my back side most of the time. Oh, huge Zumba smiles today.

Update on Do One New Thing Every Day April 9, 2013

I have been a tiny bit lax in sharing what some of you have posted about, but today is the day!

A new reader of Laundry Line Divine, Rosellen wrote:

Yesterday it was going to a museum in Berkley, the show was called Silence. I don’t usually go to museums so I’m glad I stepped out. Someone explained John Cage to me and his 4 minutes 33 seconds performance. Where one just listens in silence to the spontaneous sounds and happenings. That’s the performance.

one of my bowls for the Empty Bowl Project
one of my bowls for the Empty Bowl Project

In the middle of March, I did an exciting new thing which I am still chuffed about- that is working in clay. I don’t think it is my life calling, but I made two soup bowls for The Empty Bowl Project.

As for today? That is still to be discovered!

How about you? Do an experiment: For one week only, not longer than a week, do one new thing- if it is putting your shoes on out on the back steps instead of inside the house, or going to a museum like Rosellen did, or writing a thank you note before you forget about it or tasting a new salad dressing instead of your stand-by fav- just try these things for a week- remember, you are doing research, you aren’t committing to anything. Today I was feeding Janet’s sheep some of my stale bread stuff and I had a handful of taco shells. Her sheep had never had a taco shell before. Their soft lips explored the salty corn shell and crunched them carefully until they deemed them highly edible and chowed down on the rest.

July 18, 2013 and it has been a while…


not since I’ve Done One New Thing A Day…but since I’ve posted about it here. Miranda Hersey Helin has a new post about doing something new every day and while sharing my friends work is not new to me, today, you could visit Studio Mothers and get inspired by something new!

Here is a new-for-me photo edit:

Lucid Dreaming

Fill me in on your new things this summer. I’d love to hear!

xo S

  • Lori Landau

    hey Suzi–today I will (really, I WILL draw a picture with my left hand. and I’ll post it here for you later. which will take nerve, because really, who wants to publicize the fruits of their weaker hand? but I’ll do it anyway, because I believe in doing one new thing a day–and I believe in not being perfect. but how do I publish a pic on a comment here? xo

  • suzi

    Oh Lori, just send the image to me. Not sure you can upload an image to this comment box. I am thrilled to have some of your work here. I will load it up there on the page once I have it. xoxox xoxoxoxo S

  • hillary

    I love this game! Saturday, Sept 17 I worked a home party as a server and also began learning about bartending! Sunday, Sept 18 I studied and became a Level 1 Reiki practicioner and practiced on someone! Monday, Sept 19 I answered the phone at a time I usually don’t. Tuesday, Sept 20 I attempted Reiki on the dog~she jumped at me! Wed, Sept 21 I am making chili for dinner…not my usual way. Cheers!

  • Lori Landau

    Suzi–my promised left hand-drawing veered off the page and left my field of desire yesterday. in other words, I did it but lost interest. I find I’m doing the same tired drawing over & over again (or so it feels). I need new inspiration. maybe so busy giving advice on how to be creative that I’m not following it? so today, in addition to working on a poem, I did……nothing. I wasted time. trolled “new” facebook. left the dishes in the sink. submerged. I hope to surface tomorrow……xoxo !!!!! Lori

  • Tammy

    I picked weeds in the heat – and it is hot. Not doing that one thing again!

  • Jeanene Brandt

    I so appreciate how you encourage your readers to stretch and recreate ourselves in such simple and non-threatening ways. I just caught up on your postings so I’m behind. Today I tried doing my morning walk with trekking poles. It was a challenge because I wanted to used the poles like xc ski poles.

  • suzi

    So good to gather the information from these new things, right? xo S

  • suzi

    Dearest Jeanene, I bet you will notice how that challenges you took on changes things. New neural pathways being made in your brain. Yippeeee! Fun is good for us.
    I will take more of that. Love to you and thank you for commenting. xooxox S

  • Alice Ormsbee Beltran

    On Wednesday my hands met a drop spindle and fiber for the first time…they have been doing new things ever since, along those lines!

  • gluttonforlife

    Today I decided to stop being disappointed in myself and focus only on being proud of my accomplishments. It was hard, but I feel like it’s the start of permanent change. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • suzi

    Oh me dear Alice, A drop spindle and you are a great match! I have never used one, but for trying it out. I can imagine loving it though. And, all that fiber in your fingers, what fun! Thank you for posting. Love, S

  • suzi

    Everything begins as a decision, right? Oh, my new connection, Glutton, what shall I call you here? Welcome, GFL. I love that you could see your accomplishments through the fog of self criticism. I will copy you on that tonight. So glad to have you here. Laundry Line readers will enjoy your wonderful blog, I am sure. xoxox Suzi

  • Jenn

    great project Suzi. I did a writers’ spa week with Jennifer Louden a few years back, and she suggested the same. So I sat in my little room typing on the computer stark naked. Quite mind boggling and simple, but it did spark a few new thoughts about habits, identity, who I am when I write. Then, I had to get away from home to really feel like a writer, away from kids, cats and dogs. Now they have flown, and I am not writing so much as selling books, and marketing myself….hmmm, and leading classes for others to write in….my new things this week is moving my desk into the official office, out of my bedroom, and some of the mess has followed me there. I stare at a bulletin board filled with my collages instead of the tranquil lake. But I don’t write here, I just facebook, email and work here….

  • Suzi

    Oh Sweet Jenn, welcome to the Laundry Line! I am so glad to read your new things. Me too. Maundy Thursday. Lovely chilly spring day. My Do One New Thing Every Day is I hula hooped out in the morning sun, then did a little sun salutation, all before I did my daily writing. I wanted to stir a bit of spring in to my daily practice. I cannot tell you how happy I am that you, Jenn, are here. All my love, S

  • rosellen

    I am sitting here reading your blog, instead of doing what I should which i will in a minute. i came to your blog because I wanted to read Ingrid Wendt’s poem, which i like so much and even though I am not a mother , but used to work with kids, really like it.

  • Suzi

    Hi Rosellen, I am so happy to know you are here at the Laundry Line. Today is cold and sunny, too cold to work outside for long, so I am here, with slow hands about to post a new thing I did today. Being a mother is not required here at LLD. And, we all have mothers, we all mother others, our jobs, our pets, situations. I am reading Ingrid’s Evensong collection which is so full and lush. Glad you are here. xo Suzi

  • rosellen

    thank-you. my new thing for today will be?????I’ll find out later. Yesterday it was going to a museum berkely the show was called Silence. i don’t usually go to museums so i’m glad i stepped out. someone explained John Cage to me and his 4 minutes 33 seconds performance. where one just listens in silence to the spontaneous sounds and happenings. that’s the performance. if i learn more about it, i’ll let you know. i love that. i may not be explaining it accurately.

  • Miranda

    I *lurve* this ongoing post, Suzi–fabulous! And big hugs for the shout-out! xoxo

  • Holly

    When I moved to western Massachusetts in Fall 2012 I made the same guidelines for myself. It seemed an inspired way to get to know my new home and avoid getting into habit patterns.

    Often the new thing was something very simple: take a different road into town, try a new cafe, walk around the building in the opposite direction of my usual course. This makes it doable.

    Late March seems the right time to remind myself to apply creativity to everyday living. It reminds me of something a poetry studens once said in relation to my encouragement to write about the ordinary as a pathway to things that are sometimes sublime: “stroke the mundane.”

  • Suzi Banks Baum

    Oh my. You are right. This is a great time for new things. Taking a new route always gives me surprises too, and I have lived here for 17 years now- longer than any where else in my life. So glad to have your voice here Holly. xooxS

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