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Sacred Refuge Sundays

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Where Your Inner Journey Meets Creative Practice

When you crave a way to find the true path to your creative spirit, where do you wander?

Who stands with you, holds you when you wish, when you ache for more poetry in your life? And how do you answer when your hands long to both craft art and whisper words into true form?

Beginnings matter, and you feel this. But where do you start, and who is the mentor you can trust as you explore? This work of soul, this marriage of your heart and imagination.


What I know is this: your soul whisper may be calling you to create your own divine, and unique book…a wild soul book.

Yes, your book. Your ongoing story. Your story and art that will surely unfold through your intention, time and your own colors and words. Your heart and art on paper.

Join me and only five other women writers as we explore our work in our monthly, intimate, four-hour writing workshops — in the private sanctuary in my home.

photo credit Lynnette Lucy Najimy of Beansprout Productions
photo credit Lynnette Lucy Najimy of Beansprout Productions


You and your sisters will have all the space you need to spread out, get gloriously messy, and create. This sacred refuge is where the delicious marriage between the divine and the creative is nurtured, and finds form.

I cherish this work, which has called to me for years, because I was the woman with my feet nailed to the floor, flustered, frustrated and longing for a connection to my inner life.

I know that if you use my writing and art techniques plus the tools of deep listening in sacred circle with other women, your work will flourish with the luster of your unique voice. In our sessions and between them, when you are home, you’ll be well equipped with tools to build a sustainable daily practice.


How You Will Birth Your Book


Over the course of our four months spent together, you’ll write, inspired by guided prompts, and you’ll experiment with paint and text, building a small book.

You’ll paint paper that we sew in to a book, adding vintage and found papers for variety.

You’ll embellish this small book with your art, and bless this creation by using your own text from writing generated in this class.

How do you know if this class is for you?


Think about this, and listen to your heart and art.


  • This class is perfect of you if you are a woman hungry to explore your creativity, tired of putting yourself last on the list for your undivided attention. Kids or no kids. Young and young at heart.
  • These classes are perfect for you if you are a writer and want to create with others to inspire and expand your work, and are eager to plunge more deeply into your daily practice.
  • This class is perfect for you if you yearn to know yourself as the artist and writer you dream of being, even if pen and paper are new to you. There are no beginners really; there is just beginning.
  • This class is perfect for you if you wonder what your writing could look like illustrated. If you have never imagined yourself as artist, you may surprise yourself as you illuminate texts and create small visual compositions. No previous art experience necessary!
  • This class is perfect for you if you seek the sweet connection of making around a table of creative souls. We shall all lay aside our chaotic lives, and play and create to our soul’s content.
  • This class is perfect for you if the idea of a creative sanctuary makes you breathe more fully, your shoulders relax and your heart beat faster.
Suzi Banks Baum at BFWW Lean-in by Lynette Lucy Najimy
Suzi Banks Baum at BFWW Lean-in by Lynette Lucy Najimy


What else will you receive from Sacred Refuge Sundays?


You will be given attentive support of your writing practice, tools to engage your daily writing at home, artful inspiration from visual and literary resources, simple tools for exploring art making in a critique-free zone, writing prompts. And time for you to experiment creatively.



Sacred Refuge Sunday ceremonial bundle

You will learn mindfulness practices such as canang sari (gratitude offerings) and meditations to access your inner knowing.

You will develop stronger muscles of expression and be emboldened to take leaps across boundaries that have held you back.

You will generate new writing, story starts, poems, and an ability to listen and respond from your soul’s truth.

You will flourish creatively in all aspects of your life.

You will be inspired to take on new challenges and savor your full life.

You will complete the four sessions with a small handmade book of your own.

You will prosper with personal connections as part of a growing community of women writers in the Berkshires and beyond.


sacred yes

Say YES to your desire.

Come and play, explore, create.



Kathy working in to her book


All The Details


When? We’ll meet on Sundays from 12:30 PM to 4:30 PM in my home in Great Barrington. Street parking available.

The winter session will begin in February 7, 2016. We will meet on March 6,  April 3, and May 15.

Who? Five lovely, sweet-souled women, who dare to wonder, create and explore.

What to bring? Your desire, curiosity, and a journal you’d like to write in. An apron is helpful. All other materials provided. Beginner’s mind required. In cold weather, please be prepared to be outside for about 30 minutes.

How much? $200 per session (four Sundays) if you register by the January 22, 2016. $250 for the session of four Sundays, after that date. 50% refund through the first session. No refunds after that date.

Why? Because your creative time matters and sitting in a circle of women devoted to regular practice raises the value of your work. We benefit by the presence of the others. So, I ask you to commit to all four workshops. This is not a drop-in class.

Please send me your response at the email listed below.

Then, send your deposit to me via PayPal using that email.

Do you have questions, my dear? Please write me at


Poetry is a life-cherishing force. For poems are not words, after all, but fires for the cold, ropes let down to the lost, something as necessary as bread in the pockets of the hungry.


– Mary Oliver, A Poetry Handbook

Suzi with Kathy in Escanaba August 2015


Suzi Banks Baum, noted writer and artist, is devoted to supporting the expression of women’s voices.

Suzi creates community wherever she goes. Writer, maker, mother, she teaches the Powder Keg Sessions writing workshops for women, produces Out of the Mouths of Babes: An Evening of Mothers Writing to Others and a host of other soulful art experiences.

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