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Suzi Banks Baum

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First community organizing?

Hoisting the receiver of the black rotary dial telephone back in to its cradle after calling her friends to tell them she was pedaling to Pottawatomie Park on her red bike, just recently shed of its training wheels. Suzi began early.

First laundry line moment?

Dozing with hot red corduroy-covered legs slung over the edge of a willow basket sitting on folded wash listening to her mom talk, having just returned from the ER where her head was stitched up because of a little bitty accidentay in the park, on that very same red bike. Story to follow.

First theatre?

Oh, to play a Boy magically transformed in to a long-tailed Rat in her first (ever)production of The Pied Piper of Hamelin at Indian Boundary Park in Chicago, right down the street from Bethesda Lutheran School. The red maple wooly knee-highs hidden under her rat costume imprinted her passion for costume changes.

First doodling?

Miles of mountain views in the margins of ruled paper in high school and so many dahlias. Suzi illustrated her first playbill for her Northern Michigan University premiere as a director. Only the doodling took.

First writing?

Pages and pages into a pink leather-bound small book, the cover lavishly embossed with “My Dairy” latched with a key. The journal required wedging with her wrists to hold open. Suzi’s birthday gift had a thin-throated gullet into which she poured herself onto pale purple lined pages.

First teaching?

Being fired as a Sunday school teacher for not keeping to the curriculum. The hand-made books they filled were not up to snuff by Sunday school standards even though the kids were happy. Suzi was inspired by Sylvia Ashton Warner’s book Teacher. She had a hunch she was on to something, it just took 40 more years to get to it.

First art making?

Cutting out a picture of one hundred shoes from Life Magazine and gluing it into a gray-paged scrapbook. Lots of shoes, lots of glue. Gathering images has been her ready expression since four.

First mail exchange?

Letters home from Girl Scout Camp in Wisconsin to her mother, who held up her end of a life-long correspondence. Suzi just had to get away from home to appreciate it.



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Suzi Banks Baum creates community wherever she goes.

An artist, writer, blogger, bookmaker, mail artist and mother of two, she lives in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts. Suzi’s wild soul is planted in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The music of her wild soul is laughter, questions, and bird song. While writing Laundry Line Divine: A Wild Soul Book for Mothers, Suzi discovered her fascination with motherhood and creativity. This work led to Out of the Mouths of Babes, a live event, the blog series and writing workshops called the Powder Keg Sessions. This work also led to publishing her first book, An Anthology of Babes: 36 Women Give Motherhood a Voice. Not satisfied to write only for and with herself, Suzi runs this website Laundry Line Divine as a host for her own writing and for over 50 other creative women. She leads Rampant Sisterhood, teaching artists and authors to build their online platforms with authentic and sustainable content. During 2014-15, Suzi will be on a book tour with An Anthology of Babes: 36 Women Give Motherhood a Voice. In June 2015, you can find her at Women’s Voices, Women’s Vision: Creativity, Leadership and Social Change. In August, you find her in Big Bay, Michigan hosting her Slow Time Salon on Superior, a one-day immersion in art, writing and attention on the sunset side of Big Bay. She does other things, like garden, swim and make jam. You’ll have to come over for tea some day.

  • If you would like to host a reading of An Anthology of Babes, a Powder Keg Session writing workshop or a Rampant Sisterhood social media workshop please contact Suzi in the form below.
  • If you’d like to hear what Suzi has to say about the importance of telling our stories listen in here to nationally acclaimed Radio2Women, with Johnny Segalla of WSBS, or with author Winslow Eliot on BlogTalkRadio or with NPR’s Susan Barnett of 51%.
  • On March 7, 2015, Suzi and her Babes filled the house at Dewey Historic Hall in Sheffield for Out of the Mouths of Babes: An Evening of Mothers Reading to Others. Watch for us in March 2016!
  • Saturday April 18, 2015 Suzi will lead her Mapping Motherhood workshop in Catherine Anderson’s Studio in Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • If you are intrigued by her FeMail art collaboration with Karen Arp-Sandel, go here. Suzi and Karen offer mail art workshops and artist talks about the Dailyness of Art.
  • If you would like to join the discussion of motherhood and creativity on the Out of the Mouths of Babes blog series, please contact Suzi using the form below.
  • An Anthology of Babes: 36 Women Give Motherhood a Voice is available on Amazon and at Berkshire bookstores.
  • Suzi writes a monthly column for Berkshire Family Focus and is a featured guest blogger at MotherWriterMentor, Berkshire EdgeStudio Mothers, Story of Mum and the Museum of Motherhood.
  • You can see some of Suzi’s visual art in the Brooklyn Art Library. Her 2014 Sketchbook Listing to the Left is on a national tour in the Mobile Sketchbook Library. Tour dates here.
  • And, mostly, if you are curious about seeing and celebrating the sacred in daily life, please subscribe to this website, share these blogs with your friends, and start writing, pick up a paintbrush, doodle, listen to what you yearn for and follow that with all you’ve got.

Thank you for visiting Laundry Line Divine.


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  • Jack Young

    Seeing your name ‘cross my fb page is a wonderful early Xmas present (and of course you and The Strimbeck run in the same circles)–so good to re-discover your golden heart–big hugs to you!

  • Suzi

    Oh glory be it is Jack Young, the very one! I am thrilled to find you here Jack. Some day I will post a cheery photog of you and I. Thanks for stopping in to the Laundry Line. I will thank Leigh. xoxox S

  • Charles Dedic

    Hi Suzi,
    It has been a long time since that quiet little girl in my class was catching her visions of the world. I am so proud of you and pleased to see what a wonderful woman you have become — so full of life!
    Best wishes, Chuck Dedic, an old teacher (cededic@mac.cpm)

  • jenn

    HI Suzi, I have a piece written for the Out of the Mouths of Babe blog series, but I don’t see a way to submit or an email to send it to. somehow I have deleted your email. please send again, jenn,

  • Allen Evans

    Hi Suzy,
    It is so good to see that your warm smile and warmer heart haven’t faded one iota over the years; in fact, they seem brighter than ever. Your positiveness brings joy every time I stumble upon it.

  • Donna Allen

    Suzi, Thank you, thank you, thank you for the little journal. I know it was made and gifted with love.

  • Alice Orr

    Hey Suzi… I mentioned this amazing site in today’s blog post titled “Passionate Appreciation is Imperative” at By the way I’ve become a passionately appreciative of what you do.

  • Suzi

    Thank you Alice! I am so pleased to be weaving the fabric of our friendship together. Many thanks! xo S

  • Lorri

    Suzi – I have been reading you for probably more than a year and I want you to know that there is something about you (or your writing since that is what I know) that soothes my heart and soul. Your warmth and acceptance and joy, yep it’s the joy, makes me feel soooo good. How lucky your family and friends are to spend time with you and bask in your warmth. You are my inspiration for more warmth andjoy this year.

    Thank you

  • Suzi

    Oh Lorri, I had to lay down for a little while just to take in your comment. Then, when I read Marilyn’s over on the Drop and Give Me Ten post, I had to rest again. You are so welcome here on Laundry Line Divine. I am thrilled beyond measure to know my words touch your life. There is a ripple affect at work here…we ignite one another. I pray my words land in your heart, in just the right places. Blessings on your 2014. xoxo S

  • Susan

    Hi Suzi!

    I may be near Marquette in August :) Yay for the UP!!!!

  • Suzi Banks Baum

    Susan! I hope we can intersect in the UP. xo S

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