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Listening in to #BFWW

Out of Mouths ad 13 final

Today, Friday I am preparing rice pudding and putting on my party shoes for this big event.
If you’d like to catch some of this fun, please listen in to this conversation I had with one of our local She-ros, Serene Mastriani on Radio2Women. Gabrielle Senza even comes in at the end.

I hope this Friday is filled with moments like I had today, limping home walking home from Zumba.
The reddest of red cardinals sung on a wire, shaking his booty just like I had been attempting to do.
Only he did it with two feet clinging to a wire 30 feet above ground.

Shake yours too, okay?

Gabrielle Senza takes the Powder Keg Sessions Double Dare!

One of the writers in my Powder Keg Sessions writing workshop called the sessions are like ‘yoga for writers’.
I love that.
I have taught yoga in my professional life as a certified TriYoga teacher, so this means something very specific to me- something about space to breathe and making room for inspiration to rise up and well over in to your daily life. Taking your practice off the mat, this is one of the themes of my life.

One of the practices we do in the sessions is doodling.
And, here are some fine doodles from one of my dear friends and supporters, Gabrielle Senza.
She is an artist, activist and rockin’ mom of a sweet boy.

And one heck of a doodler!
Thanks for taking the dare Gabrielle!
xo S

Favorite Frames #9 Leigh Strimbeck is ‘Out’ and more audience appreciation


Today, on this sunny cold day where I just learned one of my soul supporters and oft’ quoted friends Janet has is sick in bed, I am writing about friends.

New friends and long time friends came to our March 2 event. I know many of you live in far flung places and could not attend ‘Out of the Mouths of Babes: An Evening of Mothers Reading to Others’. I have attempted to recreate a bit of it for you by offering you my favorite frames of that night with photos to illustrate.

All photos of 'OUT' are by Christina Rahr Lane
All photos of 'OUT' are by Christina Rahr Lane

Here is another with a story. Today’s ‘Out’ post is by Leigh Strimbeck, who is a new and already, fast friend. She is a long time theatre professional, writer, teacher and mother. Leigh, along with another new friend Kristen van Ginhoven, founded WAM, the Women’s Action Movement Theatre here in the Berkshires. I am appearing in their 24 hour Theatre Project in April. That is soon. And I am excited. Leigh was an appreciative and vocal member of our audience on March 2.

Today, Leigh comes ‘Out’ with a story of her early life with her children, swimming sharky waters in search of new friendship in a new territory. I had a very similar experience just a few miles south of where Leigh plunged in to Columbia County, NY. Read her post to learn more.

Tonight you can hear Leigh read live at the Y Bar in Pittsfield, another venue for writers to say their words out loud and to an audience here in the Berkshires. Brave Leigh. Go see her if you can. And enjoy the Y Bar. There is a wall installation of Gabrielle Senza’s there too.

Gabrielle Senza working at the Y Bar

Reflecting back on March 2, among my many favorite frames was my dear friend Maria Pizzuro Cleary who attended with her also brave husband Eugene. We have known each other through many life changes, since before Catherine was born, when we were new to the Berkshires. Maria has been a steady beacon for me all these years. I love this photo of her. I can count on both Maria and Eugene for honest answers and great support.

Maria Pizzuro Cleary by Tina Rahr Lane Photography

I hope this cold day finds you and your daffodils in the shelter of some strong windbreak. And, if you are Janet, I hope you are tucked in with a thick good book and the knowledge that all will be well. Just nap till you get there.

Yours, with daffodilly love,

Favorite Frame #2 ‘Out of the Mouths of Babes’

One of our youngest audience members, Michelena Mastriani, age 11
One of our youngest audience members, Michelena Mastriani, age 11

Favorite Frame from Friday March 2, 2012 ‘Out of the Mouths of Babes: An Evening of Mothers Reading to Others” is the audience.

Here is one of our youngest members, who sat at rapt attention all evening long. Michelena Mastriani was one of about 10 children in attendance on Friday. I was also thrilled and surprised to see that about one fifth of our audience was male, including my 17 year old son Ben. And there was an even younger person there, but that is another FF for later this week.

All photos of 'OUT' are by Christina Lahr Lane
All photos of 'OUT' are by Christina Lahr Lane

I can only pray that by our children witnessing our collective steps of speaking our stories with a certain grace and attention- they will grow up valuing their own voices.

Today, Tuesday at 5pm at WBCR 97.7 fm you can live stream the replay of the interview Michelle Gillett and I did with Michelena’s Mom, Serene- who is an award winning advocate for women’s voices here in the Berkshires and across the internet. On their radio show called Radio2Women, Serene and Gabrielle Senza, oft mentioned here on LLD, spent an hour in conversation with us about ‘Out’ and about mothering.

Please tune in.

Until then, I am back to my art table. Then there is dinner to think about.
With love,

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