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Leaning toward joy Maria Sirois, Thanksgiving, giving thanks.

Celebrating #grace, no matter what. Sending you love today. XoS

Lean toward joy.
Link onto arms that support you.
Lead from your dreams.
Love what you love and who you love.
Listen for sounds that comfort you.
Learn what emboldens you.
And linger over moments that lift you.

~Maria Sirois

This being Thanksgiving and Thursday, I cannot let this day pass without some attention on what we share here and why.
Seeing and celebrating the sacred in daily life requires more of you when days are full of family and busyness. Or, perhaps this and these days are full of quiet, but you sense the stirring towards this season of dark nights and bright days.
This swirl of activity is exactly where daily life begins.
With these people.
With these pesky attitudes.
With this sink full of dishes.
With all these boots lined up by your back door.

It is these people, this table round-even if it is just you today, reading, potchkeying around the house while the whole nation watches football, stuffs turkeys or has a regular Thursday anywhere but in the USA, it is this action of taking a moment to stop and see, that is your portal, your entry point to falling in love with your own life.

Like my dear Maria Sirois asks of us, “Linger over moments that lift you”…could you do that today?

@cattbaum is a winner in my book. XoS

We ran/walked a Turkey Trot today. I was happy to do something new and outside.
Tomorrow, Friday, we will not be shopping.
And the next days, of Advent beginning, of heading in to the full tilt pitch of December, I am getting ready to host, with Pippa and Penny Best of The Story of MUM, a FeMail art workshop and reading of An Anthology of Babes: 36 Women Give Motherhood a Voice at the Museum of Motherhood in Manhattan.
If you are near NYC next Thursday, stop in! Here are details.
And wherever you are today,

thank you, for reading me here, for sharing this site with your friends and for

shedding your own particularly grace-filled light with the people around you.

All my love,

May Sarton and Maria Sirois

Royal Ferns

Just this morning, my friend and An Anthology of Babes author Maria Sirois circulated this quote:

Everything that slows us down and forces patience, everything that sets us back into the slow circles of nature, is a help.

Gardening is an instrument of grace.

May Sarton

I’d say the same about laundry, wouldn’t you?

From she who already hung out a load of dishtowels and heard the robins arguing
in the maples and saw the tulips forging ahead with the business of spring,

Joy Boost from Maria Sirois

#stilllife with #artjournal altered clothing tags from my kids shopping yesterday. #collage #collageaday

I am in need of a little Maria Sirois today.
This is the thought Maria shared this morning.

So, I’m at the end of one 30-day challenge I’ve given myself (30 days of ten minutes per day of exercise) and beginning to think about the next challenge when it occurs to me that even more than exercise I love dance…so why not 30 days of dance?  Why not do the thing I love for a few moments every day?
And immediately, before even the whisper of a breath, a thought arose, “Is it okay to be that happy?”

And before that thought’s final consonant had even been sounded a response from my heart or soul or some other far less fearful place arose and the answer was, “Yes, Yes, Yes!”

So, I’m going for the joy boost.  You?


I am one person who takes Maria’s suggestions seriously.
You can go to her site and sign up to receive a daily message from her. They are vitamins for my soul.
More on that another day.
I am heading up to complete preparations for our FeMail Open Studio this Saturday.
Information is here.

Til then- what’s your favorite dance break music?
Here is one of mine.


Independence Approach #11 Opening Doors at Laundry Line Divine, Alchemy Initiative and Studio Mothers

Street art everywhere. NYC. April 2012

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.”

Joseph Campbell

via Rochelle and Qoya

Another #doorway appears. #instagood #independence #laundrylinedivine #yale

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” Milton Berle

via Maria Sirois

Some days the doorways in my life swing inward and I am filled with inspiration from here and here and here.
Some day’s inspiration comes in the way of what I eat, like here.
And other days, it comes by way of what others are doing with my work, like this and this.

I am thrilled and honored to be part of Miranda Helin Hersey’s e-book.

If you are in the Berkshires, please join me at Mad Mac’s tomorrow evening for an exhibit of mobile photographs filtered through Instagram.

And, if you are really local, you can show up in the alley near Rubiner’s Cheesemonger’s shop for some live theatre at the Living Room Theatre at 8pm.
I will be reading some of my writing there.

At a doorway. What beckons? #laundrylinedivine #grateful #independence #instagood #thepeaceabbey



Off to oil my hinges and make sure the doors to my heart are ready to swing outward for tomorrow night.

All my love,