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June Beauty at Indian Line Farm

Veggies for Blog Post 6/14/11

Do you know where your food comes from?
Do you grow your own lettuce?
Do you like salad?
Do you wonder sometimes, how Olivia gets all those organic greens in to those neat plastic boxes we buy at the food coop?

Here at my house, June signals the start of our farm pick-ups at Indian Line Farm. This farm is run by the capable Elizabeth Keen, with her husband Al Thorp and their 2 children. They have 2 steady farm hands and a bunch of volunteers. But worrying over the killdeer nests in the eggplant field or counting garlic heads is Liz, who, if you look at her strong brown elegant hands, you wonder- is she a sculptor or a chef? And maybe, as the head of a community supported agriculture farm (CSA) she is a little bit of both.

Today we picked sugar snap peas out in the field. The 2 teen-agers I had with me kept track of what they ate as we picked, since our allotment was one quart. Hard to tell exactly, but a few handfuls equaled half a quart by my eye. The grins on their satisfied faces washed away the grumps at being coaxed out of the car and into the misty rain. Fresh snacks are always the best.

Tonight we will sauté the braising greens, mizuna, and several different varieties of kale, mustard greens and chard. There is spinach for salad on another night and kohlrabi and scarlet turnips for snacks or salads. We get a fruit share, so strawberries are there. Quite a bounty for a rainy week in mid June.

If you search the web for local farms running CSAs you may still be able to join for this season. New York City has a group of farms within the Greenmarket system that offer CSA memberships. Really, if you poke around a bit, you may find a CSA that will change the way you look at produce forever.

Here is a link to my friend Tammy McLeod’s Agrigirl Blog. She supplies recipes and great discussion about seasonal foods and CSAs. And here is a link to Indian Line Farm. Liz lists recipes there, so even if you don’t have a CSA but can purchase seasonal fresh produce where you live, you can try some of her recipes. We have been circulating a raw kale salad in the past few years that has my kids’ hearts. I can cook almost anything as long as there is raw kale salad to eat. Here is a link to my friend Alana Chernila’s popular food blog. She started writing Eating from the Ground Up as a result of working at the Indian Line farm stand. All that good work is resulting in her first cookbook about to be published! Go Alana!

We have had rain and more rain in the Berkshires, so things are very green.
I hope wherever you live, the bounty of summer is making itself known.
In contrast to green, my son is skiing on Mount Hood this week.
Amazing to think of him up and on a mountain at 7:30 am.
Hope he is eating his greens!

Love, S

Braising Greens from Indian Line Farm
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